23 appartementen - DOMUM - Maasmechelen (BE)

23 appartementen - DOMUM - Maasmechelen (BE)

28. november 2016

23 apartments and commercial spaces in the center of Maasmechelen. An apartment complex that perfectly integrates into the classic environment. At the same time, the architect has opted for a fresh, open structure, with lots of glass and terraces for the residents. That is why no standard windows were used, but glass surfaces alternate with frame elements made of brick that are suspended from the glass like a hatch. This creates a beautiful layering in the fa├žade. The light horizontal lines complete this picture.

For this project, H + H Benelux supplied Floors High Panels for the inner walls. This contributed to a fast and efficient construction time.

Delivered product  Floors High Panels

Architect Mamu Architecten

Contractor  Haex